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What do I do if app is misbehaving?

Restart your iPhone or iPod touch. Restarting frees up memory on your device, which is the cause of a lot of issues that are easily fixed by a simple restart. If you are having problems with the app try this first!

How do I advance to the next day?

To select the next day please slide the “day slider” at the bottom of the screen until the desired day is under the green background in the center. If the slider does not move when you slide your finger over it, please try restarting your iPhone.

How do I post to Facebook/Twitter?

The app doesn’t post to Facebook and Twitter automatically. You need to tap on the Facebook and Twitter buttons in order to confirm publishing. This screen will automatically pop-up after each time you finish a workout.

How do I make it work with Nike+?

Here is how to make it work:
1) Start Nike+ app and start the workout (select None for the workout music)
2) Press the “home” hardware button on your iPhone or iPod touch
3) Start the C25K app, add music, choose the workout day, and slide to start the workout

Nike+ app will stay in the “background” and you will see the red bar on the top of the screen. In order for the C25K app to work, Nike+ app needs to stay in the background the entire length of the workout.

Does the app work with iPod touch?

Yes. Make sure you have downloaded the most recent update.

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